About me

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¡Hola! Kaixo! Hello! Salut! Ciao! Ahoj!

I am Garazi Ocerin. When I was 13, I discovered my dream job: advertising. Since I was a child, I spend my time creating, discovering, designing and everything that goes with advertising. My parents remember with love (most of the times) that I made crafts and drawings on Sundays, I designed advertising posters for my father’s company and I spent hours and hours editing photos in Photoshop when I was a teenager. Later on, at university, while I was studying Advertising and Public Relations, I discovered the meaning of the word ‘obsession’ when days go by and nothing fits perfectly to the briefing, when the client rejects the campaign so I have to start again or the sleepless nights thinking and thinking. However, it is an exciting experience: some people do bungee jumping, others make ads. All this has taught me to be a list and Excel lover and an organized person.

However, after that, I wanted a new graduate cap so I started studying Translation and Interpreting: once again, the art of creating and discovering strategies to write texts in other languages and to reach all audiences thanks to accessibility. I know some languages: English, French, Spanish and Basque. I have been living in Prague (Czech Republic) and I have learnt their history, culture and language.

Now, I work in what I like the most: writing, speaking and designing. On the one hand, I am a translator from English, French and Basque into Spanish and from English and Spanish into Basque. I am specialized in advertising, marketing and transcreation. I have translated product brochures, websites and advertising texts, among others. Moreover, I am an interpreter from English and Basque into Spanish and from Spanish into Basque. I usually work as a community and social interpreter.

On the other hand, I help companies and private clients to improve their personal brand. I work on graphic design projects creating and designing logos, corporate stationery and merchandising, among others.